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The Wall Street Journal

I joined The Wall Street Journal just after Labor Day in 2000, as the stock columnist for the Texas Journal, one of the paper's now-defunct regional editions. When the paper shut down its regional editions in November 2000 -- about 10 weeks after I started -- it laid us all off as of the end of the year. Then it hired about half of us back.

I was one of the lucky ones, and became a mutual-fund reporter in New York. A few months after moving to the city, I started working on a variety of stories with Ellen E. Schultz, already an award-winning pensions and retirement report. I continued to work closely with Ellen during my nearly eight years at the paper, even as I moved on to cover the insurance industry, hospitals, and other subjects.

I left in August 2008 to join BusinessWeek's Washington bureau, only to return a little more than five years later, in November 2013. This time, I joined the newsroom's corporate news bureau. I'm covering a broad range of topics, including executive pay, corporate governance, employer-sponsored healthcare and benefits, and more.

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